Ethiopian CEO Hails Deal with Djibouti to Launch ‘Sea-Air’ Logistics Service

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Tewolde GebreMariam, has hailed the latest partnership agreement with Djibouti’s logistics firms to jointly launch “highly cost effective” sea-air multi-modal transportation service.

Ethiopian inked the Sea-Air Logistics Model agreement with International Djibouti Industrial Park Operation (IDIPO) and Air Djibouti last Thursday.

As per the agreement, the cargo will be transported from China to Djibouti Free Zone by sea and will be uplifted by air from Djibouti International Airport.

– ‘Cost-effective’ –

The partnership allows traders to order their products from China to Africa via Djibouti port and Ethiopian facilitates the air movement of goods to different parts of Africa through its vast network.

Ethiopian Group CEO Tewolde is “pleased to have signed the agreement” which will establish the necessary infrastructure and institutional system.

“(It) will enable us to provide a new logistics product called ‘SAM’ (Sea -Air-Modal) which is a highly cost-effective multi-modal transportation solution for African businesses,” Tewolde said.

The product will use Sea Freight from China to Djibouti sea port and air freight from Djibouti Airport to all African cities.

“This new multi-modal logistics solution will enable African businesses, multinational companies, Chinese companies and other businesspeople to enhance their supply chain management system with the best combination of speed, cost and quality services,” he said.

– Customers Demand –

Ethiopian Airlines Group has a long time experience in providing similar products through Dubai sea and air ports.

“We are committed to help customers deliver their goods safely and efficiently across our network in association with our partners- International Djibouti Industrial Park Operation and Air Djibouti,” the CEO said.

“We have kept on playing a key role in both African and global cargo and logistics business and will continuously advance our cargo services to meet our customers’ increasing demand.”

The partnership deal withe logistics firms was signed in the same week Ethiopian airlines agreed to purchase five 777-8 freighters from Boeing in a bid to meet the growing global cargo demand from its hub in Addis Ababa,

According to the airlines, the partnership with two logistics firms simplifies trade from China to different countries in Africa with the vast Ethiopian network in the continent and beyond.

Trade volume between China and Africa rose a record $254.3 billion in 2021, growing by 35.3% year-on-year, according to its Customs officials.

“Taking advantage of the best African sea port in Djibouti and the best airport in Ethiopia, Sino-African Sea-Air Express has been created by combining their respective wide freight networks,” the airlines said.


Featured Image:  Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Tewolde GebreMariam [Photo File]