Fire at Nech Sar National Park Contained, its Manager says

ADDIS ABABA – A fire blaze in Ethiopia’s Nech Sar National Park has been extinguished, a park official said on Monday.

The fire started on mid Sunday and needed a collaborative effort of park rangers, security officers of Gamo Zone and Arba Minch city to bring it under control.

However, the blaze torched about 25 hectares of bushes and forests situated in the mountainous part of the park, said Simelish Teshome, manager of the park, speaking to state news agency.

Known for its accessibility and scenery, Nech Sar’s landscape includes extensive grasslands on the high plains, shrub and tree savannah in the hills and a Fig forest.

The effort involving about 300 people helped to stop the fire from causing further damages on the park, Shimelis added.

The cause of the accident has not been determined. The park manager said human activities including people entering the park for Charcoal production could be the reason.

The park lies about 500 km South of Addis Ababa It is a home to Abaya and Chamo lakes, and a variety of wildlife including Zebra,Gazelle, Hippopotamus, Grey Duicker, Lion, and Leopard.