Ethiopia Calls on Parties to Exercise Restraint in Ukraine Crisis

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has called on parties involved in the situation in Ukraine to exercise restraint.

In a statement issued today, Prime Minister Abiy said Ethiopia is closely following the developments in Europe with great caution, recalling “the devastating consequence” of recent war in his country on families, communities, livelihoods and the economy at large.

“While the material consequence of war can be thought to be easily replenished, it is the lasting impact on the fabric of society that scars nations,” Abiy said.

It is with this recollection of war still fresh for many Ethiopians, he said, that “my government calls upon all parties involved to exercise maximum caution in engagement and refrain from further exacerbating a sensitive situation.”

“We urge all parties to exercise restraint in the Ukraine crisis,” Abiy said, “We express our concern at the escalating rhetoric that risks further intensifying the issue and call upon all concerned to explore the multiple pathways to reach an understanding”.

According to him, the global community’s tragic historical past coupled with the vast leaps and advancements countries have made in the 21st century beckon a more nuanced approach in international relations and diplomacy.

“A zero-sum situation need not be our reality, especially when we can rely on the lessons of the past to draw us to greater heights of coexistence.

The multilateral institutions and international norms we have built collectively need not be a site of isolation when we designed them to be a mechanism for problem solving, heightened diplomacy and collective development.”

“Let not the failure of diplomacy be the reason millions of lives are uprooted and global shock waves felt throughout when the tools of creating international harmony are within our means,” he said.

Ethiopia expresses sincerest wishes for peace to prevail as all concerned parties explore peaceful alternatives to the current status quo, the PM added.