Ethiopia Attends Parliamentarians Meeting on Afro-Arab Cooperation

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian House of Federation Speaker, Agegnew Teshager is attending a conference of the Association of Senates, Shoora, and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World (ASSECAA) in Morocco.

The association, set up two decades ago, has today begun meeting in Rabat under the theme “African-Arab cooperation and solidarity as a fundamental pillar of economic and development rehabilitation”.

Apart from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt are among the participating countries.

The three-day forum aims to boost development and economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, according to the organizers.

In the first session the three-day meeting, Speaker Agegnew addressed the conference on various topics including impact of climate change, current situation in Ethiopia, and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

He also spoke about the need for a free trade zone between the Arab and African countries, according to the House of Federation.