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AAU Confers Full Professorship on 11 scholars

ADDIS ABABA – The Addis Ababa University (AAU) has awarded the rank of full professorship to eleven scholars.

AAU’s Spokesperson said the decision to confer professorships on the scholars was made during the University’s Board meeting on Friday.

Accordingly, the university awarded full professorship to:

– Dr. Kumlachw Yeshital in Urban Ecology;

– Dr. Shimelis Asefa in Physics Education;

– Dr. Mengistu Legese in Immuno-epidemiology;

– Dr. Guta Zenebe in Neurology;

– Dr. Fasil Asefa in Applied Microbiology;

– Dr. Tiliye Feyisa in Plant Biotechnology;

– Dr. Biruk Lambiso in Orthopedic Surgery;

– Dr. Berhanu Nega Alemu in Cardiothoracic Surgery;

– Dr. Zenebe Kifle in Chemical Engineering;

– Dr. Terefe Degefa in Population Studies; and

– Dr. Nigussie Deyesan in Epidemiology.