Gun trafficker Jailed to 9 Years in Prison

ADDIS ABABA – A federal High Court in Addis Ababa sentenced a man for nine years in prison for multiple illicit firearms violations, said Ministry of Justice on Thursday.

As per the indictment, the defendant named Abebe Bogale was caught red-handed on March 31, 2021 while trying to transport four ‘Retay falcon’ guns and 300 Kalashnikov bullets from Addis Ababa to Wolkite Town.

The firearms were found hidden in his luggage during a sudden search in public bus he was on-board at Autobis Tera – one the main bus stations in the capital.

Federal prosecutors charged him with holding firearms without a licence as well as illegal gun trafficking.

Initially, the defendant denied the charges, and pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutors, however, were able to argue the case, presenting various evidences including witnesses and the seized firearms, to the court, said the Ministry of Justice.

The federal High court, then, ruled for the defendant to defend himself against the prosecutors evidences. He and, however, failed to do so.

The Court then found the defendant guilty of the two charges and sentenced him to nine years in jail.

He was also fined 80, 000 birr.

Ethiopia’s Gun Law, ratified in 2020, prohibits selling and transferring of any weapon. Illegal bulk sales of weapons is punishable for up to 15 years imprisonment under this law.