Nearly 38,000 Condo Units transferred to Residents in Six-Month, says City Mayor

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa City administration has transferred close to 38, 000 condominium houses to residents in the past six months, said its Mayor on Thursday.

Mayor of the ciy Adanech Abiebie said this while presenting a half-year performance report of the Administration to the City Council which started its two-day long session on Thursday.

In the past six month, she said a total of 37, 990 condominium units have been transferred to residents who were winners of the draw.

The Administration has also managed to make additional 57, 710 Condo units ready for transfer, she said, adding that more efforts will be exerted to complete the remaining units despite finance setbacks.

The Mayor also said the city Administration started building five thousands of prefabricated homes to address the residents’ growing housing demand. Authorities expect for their construction to be compelted within a year.

The mayor also gave an update on the progress of major construction projects in the capital.

She said the 4.6 billion birr Adwa Zero Museum construction project has reached 74.5% while the parking building project near the Grand Palace is 85% complete.