TPLF’s Renewed Attack on Afar Displaces more than 200,000 People, Envoy says

ADDIS ABABA – More than 200,000 people in Northern Ethiopia have been displaced from their homes due to TPLF’s renewed attacks, an official said on Thursday.

The attacks by the terrorist-designated group in Afar region have recently been rising, according to federal and regional officials.

“The latest atrocious attack by TPLF on Ab’ala, Magale towns and Barhale; Erbiti areas in the Region displaced more than 200,000 people,” said Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations on Thursday.

Humanitarian relief has also been “completely blocked by TPLF terrorist Group by TPLF ”, Ambassador Taye said.

“These wicked attacks are planned and executed to inflict more suffering on the people of Ethiopia,” he added.

The attacks and shelling of the Afar region forced the WFP trucks heading to Tigray carrying humanitarian supplies to return halfway to Mekelle earlier this week.

“It’s evident that TPLF leaders are starving people in pursuit of a perilous political game,” said Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the UN in a Twitter message following the return of the convoys on Tuesday.

Federal government officials have been asking the international community to condemn the TPLF’s latest aggression in recent meetings with foreign dignitaries while facilitating more aid flights to Tigray to deliver humanitarian supplies.

‘Fighting Must Stop’

In a twitter post today, U.K.’s Minister for Africa and MP Vicky Ford said the TPLF’s offensive operations around the town of Abala in Ethiopia are hampering humanitarian relief efforts in Tigray.

The minister met Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and spoke with State Minister of Foreign Affairs Redwan Hussien as well as other officials in her visit to Addis Ababa last week.

During her meeting with Abiy, the UK official said that she urged the PM to work towards peace talks and “ensure humanitarian aid is flowing to those that need it”.

“As I said to PM Abiy last week, I now say to the TPLF – fighting must stop and civilians must be prioritized,” UK Africa Minister Vicky said on Thursday.