Diasporas in UK Raise Nearly 12 Million Birr to Support Displaced People in Northern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – A fundraising event organised by the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in collaboration with the Ethiopian Embassy in the United Kingdom raised 11.8 million Birr on Saturday.

The finance will support people affected by the conflict in northern Ethiopia, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking at the fundraising event, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UK, Teferi Melesse, said Ethiopians, through their unity, defended their sovereignty from the attacks of the Tplf and its cronies.

“We should accompany our triumph on the battlefields with united efforts to support displaced people due to the conflict,” he added.

The Head of the UK Defend Ethiopia Taskforce, Zelalem Tesema, said the fundraising event demonstrated the unity and sense of fraternity among Ethiopians.

He said the group has recently visited displaced people in Ethiopia and realized the need for extensive and planned support from Ethiopians in the UK to rehabilitate the victims.