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Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway’s Annual Revenue Increased by 37.5%

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway (EDR) has earned $86.13 million in revenue in the year 2021.

The figure has shown a 37.5% increase as compared to the previous year, a state-run Ethiopian News Agency reported on Wednesday.

The EDR attributed various factors to the rise in its annual revenue which was affected by incidents of vandalism and theft in 2020.

Last year, however, the 756 km railway experienced no significant incidents, after its officials managed to secure the railway lines.

Its officials have been able to implement the railway transport safety regulation in the Somali region of Ethiopia starting from August 31, 2021.

Last year, the railway’s freight service transported 77,357 containers between Ethiopia and Djibouti Port in the year 2021.

Its refrigerated train service helped Ethiopia’s fruits and vegetables export to the international market, ENA says.

Fertilizers, wheat, edible oils, and vehicles were also among the major commercial goods the railway provided freight services, according to the report.

Africa’s first fully electrified transboundary railway opened in 2018, and replaced the older meter-gauge Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway.

The railway currently transports around 25% of Ethiopian import and export freight to the Port of Djibouti, which handles more than 90% of Ethiopia’s total international trade.

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