Ethiopians in Diaspora urged to Support rehabilitation and Reconstruction Efforts

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians in the Diaspora urged to support rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in areas that are affected by the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency (EDA) organized a day-long forum today to discuss what is expected of Ethiopians living abroad.

The forum drew high-level government officials and Ethiopian Diaspora who came to Ethiopia responding to the Great Ethiopian Homecoming Challenge.

Attending diasporas heard reports on the level of destruction from officials from the Ministries of Education, Health, Transport and Logistics, Labor and Social Affairs, as well as Commissioner of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission.

Their reports detailed the extent of damages to human lives, livelihoods, and displacements of people as well as the unprecedented destruction of health and education facilities as well public and private service giving institutions.

Deputy Director of the Diaspora Agency, Dr. Mohamed Idris, said the agency organized the forum to help the Ethiopian Diaspora to understand the extent of the damage and work on ways to extend their support in a sustainable manner.