Bunna Bank Earns 937 Million Birr in Profit

ADDIS ABABA – Bunna Bank has amassed a 937 million Birr profit before taxes in the last fiscal year that ended on July 7, 2021.

Shareholders of Bunna Bank S.C. held their annual meeting on Sunday, during which the Chairperson of the bank’s board of directors presented its 2020/21 FY performance report.

According to the report, the Bank mobilized 6.58 billion Birr more deposits last fiscal year, reaching 20.4 billion Birr, while its paid-up capital reached 3.1 billion Birr, growing by 706.2 million Birr.

In the same period, the Bank brought in 164 million dollars in foreign currency.

Chairman of board of directors the Bank with over 16, 000 shareholders, Dr. Sewalew Abate described the bank’s performance “much better” then previous FY despite Covid-19 pandemic and other challenges the economy faced.

The bank currently has 285 branches while its total number of customers stands at nearly 1.4 million.

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