Addis Ababa Amasses 25 billion in Tax Revenues in Four Months, Surpasses Target

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa Revenues Bureau has collected 25 billion birr in the first four months of the current 2021/22 fiscal year, attaining 118% of its target for the period.

The Bureau planned to collect 20 billion birr in tax revenues during the four-month period.

It, however, amassed 25 billion birr in tax revenue – 5 billion birr more than the target set for the period, according to Addis Ababa city press secretary on Thursday.

The announcement was made on a day the city’s Revenues Bureau launched a program aimed to conduct a door to door visit to taxpayers.

At the launching program in Bureau’s Arada Branch, Head of the city’s Revenue Bureau, Mulugeta Tefera said the relationship between the tax collector’s office and the taxpayer community was previously “based on mistrust”.

“We are working to change this mindset,” he said.

As per the program, the Bureau’s officials including Mulugeta conducted a door to door field visit on first, second and third categories of taxpayers on Wednesday.

The city administration currently has more than 418,000 registered taxpayers, according to reports.

Out of them, 73,294 are under the largest taxpayers group or category A while 45,875 taxpayers fall under category B or medium taxpayers. The remaining taxpayers, 298, 964 in number, are category C or small taxpayers.

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