Authorities to Demolish Illegally Built Houses in Addis Abeba

ADDIS ABEBA – Addis Abeba city administrators are to take action on people that are engaged in land grabbing and illegally built houses in the metropolis.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Abeba city administration, Engineer Takele Uma has held discussions with stakeholders on Thursday on how to prevent land grabbing in the capital.

During which, Takele said, “an organized land grabbing and construction of illegal houses are highly increasing” in the capital.

He especially pointed at Bole, Yeka, Kolfe, Nefas Silk and Akaki Kaliti sub-cities where the issue of illegal constructions are escalating.

These unlawful activities are being carried out by investors, government officials, and brokers, including groups who have their own political agendas, he said while describing the culprits.

The deputy mayor said the city will start to take measures, including demolishing illegally built houses, in fortnights.

The city administration has given a two-week notice for owners of illegally built houses to collect their properties from the land they illegally occupied. Those who failed to do so will face justice, the city announced.

He further said the administration will not tolerate those who will participate in any activities that undermine the peace and security of the city.

By Our Staff Writer

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