PM Abiy Urges TPLF Fighters to Surrender Peacefully

ADDIS ABABA – Commander-in-Chief of Ethiopian Army, Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has called on those fighting for terrorist TPLF group to surrender peacefully.

The PM said this on Tuesday following a discussion held in one of the battle fronts on final part of the war.

He also gave directions to participants of the discussion to bring Ethiopian security forces victory within the shortest time possible and limited sacrifices.

Last week, the PM, who is leading the Ethiopian security forces in the fight against the TPLF, said the offensive “will continue until Ethiopia’s freedom is ensured”.

After today’s discussion, the PM said the Ethiopian army is now in strong moral position while the enemy forces are being defeated.

According to Abiy, the fighters sent by a group with a confused plan to invade Amhara and Afar regions could not now go back in similarly confused way.

Those who have been fighting along with terrorist TPLF group, therefore, should surrender peacefully and save their lives, he said.

Tigrayan parents also need to demand the whereabouts of their children, the Prime Minister said.

Ethiopia’s interest has always been peace and development, the PM said. “We were forced into this war. However, Ethiopians will come out of it victorious.”