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Anyone in Position of Communication Devices Should Re-register them, says INSA

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Network Security Agency (INSA) has notified any person in possession of the communication equipment to notify the agency within 15 days.

In a notice issued today, the agency said Ethiopia is currently fighting an existential war.

“Power and duty bestowed upon the Agency by the law,” INSA said, “the agency found it necessary to determine the current status of these devices and to make sure that the devices are in the hands of the concerned body”.

The agency said the equipments are being re-registered so that they cannot be in use for terrorist acts.

“The Agency, therefore, urges every individual, institution, embassy or diplomat, public or private security agency, importer/ exporter of the sector who is in possession of the communication equipment to notify the Information Network Security Agency within 15 days,” It said in a notice issued on Thursday.

The devices that need re-registration includes military reconnaissance equipment such as Binoculars, Compass and GPS device as well as drones, according to the public notice.

Military and civilian communications equipment such as Walkie Talkies radio and Satellite phone; and very small aperture terminal (VSAT) and Broadband Global Area network (BGAN) also need to be registered again.

The agency also urged the public to provide information any of this equipment in the hands of or in the use by individuals or institutions to inform INSA.