Contraband Goods Worth 30mln Birr Seized Last Week

ADDIS ABABA – Contraband goods worth at least 30 million birr were intercepted last week during searches in 11 checkpoints across the nation, Ethiopian Customs Commission said on Monday.

The figure takes the total estimated value of illegal items captured in the first two weeks of November close to 75 million birr.

Customs officials continued their crackdown on contraband trade last week where they left off after apprehending items valued at 44.7 million birr in the previous week.

During its week long operations, the commission on Monday said its workers nabbed contraband goods including coffee, cosmetics, electronics, weapons, clothes, drugs, and foreign currencies, worth 30 million birr in 11 major checkpoints of the country.

Most of them were intercepted while being smuggled into the country, it said, estimating their value to be 26.1 million birr.

The remaining 3.9 million birr worth of items were seized while they were about to leave the nation, it added.

From 11 checkpoints, customs officials in Jigjiga, Moyale and Dire Dawa captured contraband goods worth 10.6 million birr, 4.8 million birr and 1.6 million birr, respectively.

The commission attributed the collaborative effort between its workers, federal and regional Police as well as the public, to its effective law enforcement operations.

The ever changing characteristics of the illegal trade, however, requires the joint push to continue and reduce its negative impact on the economy, the commission said.


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