Image File: Grade 12 student taking the national exam

Ethiopia’s University Entrance Exam Begins Monday

ADDIS ABABA – Grade 12 students have today started taking the 2020/21 Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination.

Officials announced more than 616, 000 students are expected to sit for the 2020/21 national exam, scheduled to take in two rounds.

The majority of them (90%) are taking the exam in the first round which started today and runs until Thursday, Nov 11, 2021.

Education Minister Birhanu Nega (Prof) said the exam is currently being administered for 91.5% of the students that registered to take the exam.

Students whose preparations were affected due to recent conflict in Amhara region, particularly in South Wollo, North Wollo and Wag Himra zones, will sit in the next round.

They will sit for the exam “as soon as circumstances allow”,  the minister added.

No hiccups

On Monday morning, the Education minister together with Addis Ababa mayor, Adanech Abiebie, oversaw the execution of the examination in Kokebe Atsbeha Secondary school – one of the 64 exam stations in the capital where 36, 415 students are taking the national exam.

Elsewhere, top administrators have witnessed the beginning of the examination in their respective regions.

More than 2, 112 schools are being used as the exam stations across the nation. With the exception of a few cheating attempts involving mobile phones, education minister Birhanu said the exams were administered with no significant problem on Monday.

There was no case of exams stolen or leaked, the minister said speaking to the national broadcaster late Monday.

He, however, said two students from Oromia and another two from SNNP Regions were caught while trying to cheat on the exam using mobile phones. Authorities warned students again not to bring any gadgets including mobile phones to exam rooms.

Peaceful start

Overall,  the minister said, the exam week “started peacefully and we also expect it to conclude the same way”.

More than 16, 000 examiners and 6, 156 supervisors are involved in the 2020/21 Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination, thay is taking place in all regions but Tigray.

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