Ethiopian Envoy to UN Urges Some Countries, Agencies to Refrain from Supporting TPLF

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian envoy to the United Nations, Ambassador Taye Atske-Selassie urged some countries and non-state actors to refrain from providing moral and material support to terrorist TPLF during his address to the UN security council.

Addressing the meeting of the council late on Monday, Ethiopia’s permanent representative to the UNSC said the terrorist is emboldened to unseat the popularly elected federal government and destabilize the nation.

“Our plea for the members of the international community, state and non-state actors, is to refrain from providing moral and material support,” he said. “TPLF is emboldened and numbed itself to an extent that it stopped counting the lives of Ethiopians from Tigray it sacrifices on its hopeless journey”.

“We reiterate our plea for the supporters of TPLF, that have been providing it with communication equipment, satellite information, weapons and even fighters to desist from this,” he said. “It is not only illegal but also an immoral act.”

The Ambassador also told the UNSC member that diversity is not a problem for Ethiopia.

“Our challenges are not as some reluctantly pose it as the failure to manage diversity,” he said. “Diversity is Ethiopia’s asset. Our problem is a criminal group that refused to accept equality.”

On several occasions, Taye said the federal government expressed its readiness for national political dialogue.

“We accepted the High Representative of AU for the Horn of Africa and assisted his role. We believe the regional solution is the best place to support us to get out of this problem,” he stated.

Unfortunately, this group garners support from many sources, he said adding “some media outlets in the west and some staff members and leaders of international organizations are openly supporting the group.”

The Ambassador said, “for your surprise we sometimes learn the motives and next steps of the group from the statements and speeches of high placed officials of these entities.”

“As you may recall, this council was made to convene over a false report alleging heinous crime including the use of hunger as a weapon of war,” he said.

“Thankfully, the truth comes out and these malicious accusations are dispelled by a joint investigation of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the UN Office of the Higher Commission for Human Rights.” he added.

Moreover, Taye noted as a result of continued and now widespread criminal belligerence of TPLF, the people of Tigray that needed urgent humanitarian assistance are not having any aid delivered.

“The people in Afar and Amhara regions are rendered vulnerable. Towns are shelled, residents are killed in their doorsteps and robbed of their earnings from their toil. True to its unscrupulous and cruel nature, TPLF is causing terror and mayhem,” he stated.

There is a government representing all Ethiopian people and representing the Ethiopian state and there is a group advancing its criminal cause through atrocities.

“Any attempt including the media campaign that we have witnessed in the past few days to launder and diminish the horror it committed against Ethiopian people would only be counter-productive,” he underlined.

Taye added “what exalted us as a nation is to overcome our own challenges. What may raise us as a country is the commitment of all Ethiopians to bring peace and stability. Out of our conviction to peaceful solutions to all disputes, we will keep engaging all well-meaning actors”.

Statements of marginalization of sanctions punitive measures, however, “will not help rather than be counter-productive”, he said.