Gibe I Dam Repaired without Discharging Water, says its manager

ADDIS ABABA – Engineers at Gibe I power plant collaborated with Chines firm to maintain a crack on the Dam without discharging the water, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said.

Head of the power plant, Desalegn Nigussie said the dam needed maintenance after developing a 1.5 meter circumferential crack.

Many international companies requested for water, the dam helds, to be discharged in order to carry out the maintenance work.

With the help of modern technology, Desalegn said the maintenance has been carried out successfully, enabling the power plant to keep the dam’s existing water volume.

The Chinese construction firm CGGC carried out the maintenance works in collaboration with the engineers of the power plant.

In addition, they also maintained the sediment removal and control system at the power plant, according to EEP.

Gibe I Power plant, which started producing power 17 years ago, has a capacity of generating 184MW power.