Dr. Seleshi Appointed as Chief GERD Negotiator, Advisor

ADDIS ABABA- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed Dr. Seleshi Bekele as Chief Negotiator on the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) talks with the rank of Minister.

Dr. Seleshi, former Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, will also be serving as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s chief Advisor on Trans-boundary rivers.

He was one of the few survivors of the former prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn and finished his five-year term this week.

“I believe my contributions have helped my country to held her head high during testing time,” said Dr. Seleshi on Tuesday, adding that he would continue to serve his country in any position that needs his expertise.

PM Abiy has already chosen Habtamu Itafa to replace Dr. Seleshi as Ethiopia’s Minister of Water and Energy when he announced his cabinet on Tuesday.

Aparrt from Dr. Seleshi, the Prime Minister has also announced the appointment of other senior government officials.

Accordingly, Teferi Fikre has been  appointed as Head of the Office of the Prime and Minister of Cabinet Affairs while former house speaker Adem Farah become Democracy Building Coordination Center Chief Coordinator with the rank of Minister.

Tesfaye Beljige is now Government whip at the House of Peoples’ Representatives with the rank of Minister while Dr. Legesse Tulu appointed as Head of Government Communication Service with the rank of Minister.

The PM has also appointed Dr. Merhet Debebe as President of the African Leadership Excellence Academy.

Furthermore, the PM appointed Fisseha Yitagesu and Abdurahman Rube as CEO and Deputy CEO of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, respectively.