Who said What at the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Inauguration

ADDIS ABABA – Abiy Ahmed has been elected as a Prime Minister of Ethiopia for a new five-year term.

He took the oath of office, administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice Meaza Ashenafi, on Monday morning.

In the afternoon, six African heads of state, from Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Uganda, as well as the Prime Minister of DR Congo and Foreign Minister of Algeria attended the inauguration ceremony held at Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square.

The leaders congratulated Ethiopia for the successful election it held and offered full support to the PM in his endeavor to bring peace and prosperity to the country and the region.

– Who said what at the inauguration –

President of Djibouti Ismaïl Omar Guelleh said,

“Throughout this long and glorious history, Ethiopia has gone through many defining moments and has always come out stronger”.

“Today, more than ever before, we hope to see an Ethiopian nation that is at peace with itself, a nation that forgives all of its sons and daughters and collectively builds on the achievements of yesterday to reach an even higher ground. We all know how fragile peace is in our region.”

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta said,

“I stand here to offer you my support as you continue to rebuild #Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the mother of African independence … Ethiopia is our mother. If the mother is not at peace no other members of the family can be at peace.”

“My brother, we assure you of our support…

But equally my brother I remind you that today the people of Ethiopia have given you a mandate to lead, to bring peace, to build stability, and to bring all the people of Ethiopia together.”

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said,

“I believe the election conducted in June is the reflection of the democratic aspirations of the Ethiopian people

“We are all aware of the many challenges facing the people of Ethiopia and…

We encourage all parties in Ethiopia to come together in the interest of the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.”

Ugandan President, Youweri Museveni said,

“Ethnic divisions, religious divisions had shattered Uganda; but we grew out of that misery because we stood in unity. I advise Ethiopian people from learn from Uganda that politics of interest is the better way than politics of ethnicity.”

Somalia’s President, Abdullahi Formajo said,

“Amongst all of today’s difficulties, leaders must offer solutions, hope and deliver results that can drive progress and prosperity for their people and nations. I strongly believe that African leaders when working with the people and for the good of their good of their common future are unstoppable force.

:The 6th Ethiopian elections result clearly shows that the Ethiopian people have invested their future with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who has proven to them that he is personally committed to their inclusive development”.

President of Senegal, Macky Sall said,

“Thank you and congratulations to Prime Minister Abiy for the transformation you brought to Addis Ababa and Ethiopia. Senegalese people will be with you!”

President of South Sudan Salva Kirr said,

“I came here in August for a one day visit, and I said that we won Ethiopia, which is our great mother. Being a South Sudanese without Ethiopia would have not been what we are today.

“We don’t want our great mother, Ethiopia, to have the challenge we had in South Sudan… we will go wherever you go with you”.