Two Police Officers Arrested after Assaulting Woman

ADDIS ABABA – Two Addis Ababa Police officers have been arrested after a video showed them beating a woman with a child.

The 24 second-long video circulating on social media shows the police officers brutally assaulting the woman while her child was watching.

In a statement, the Addis Ababa Police confirmed the incident sayings it happened on Friday morning around Micheal Square in Nifas-Silk Sub-city.

City Polce named the suspects as Deputy Inspector Jaffar Ali and Constable Mesfin Betele who were deployed at Kore Area Police station.

“Police duty is first and foremost to serve the public,” the statement said. “We do not tolerate some of our members failing to respect that”.

The two police officers are currently in jail, pending further investigation.

Polcie said necessary actions will be taken against the officers and will soon update the public about it.

The suspects will appear in Court on Monday, according to the EDRE Attorney General.

Last year, a total of 171 officers were fired from the Addis Ababa Police for misconduct. Of these, the commission said 29 of them were linked to human rights issues.

Addis Ababa Police will continue to crack down on its members and leaders who violate the law, the statement said.

“We urge the public to immediately report when observing unethical police conduct,” it said.