120 Stranded Ethiopians Repatriated from Yemen

ADDIS ABABA – Some 120 Ethiopian migrants who had been stranded in Yemen have returned home on Thursday, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“As part of the ongoing effort to bring back our citizens living in difficult situations abroad, 120 Ethiopian nationals have come home from Eden, Yemen,” said the spokesperson office of the ministry.

Thousands of Ethiopian nationals have been repatriated in recent weeks from various African and gulf nations. Last week alone, the ministry said 268 more citizens were airlifted from Yemen.

The Ministry said the country will continue to go ahead with its repatriation effort.

Reports says many illegal migrants from East Africa risk their lives making the dangerous journey via the Gulf of Aden to Yemen in the hope of finding jobs in Saudi Arabia. Most end up either stranded in Yemeni or Saudi Arabia’s detention centers due to their illegal status.