U.S. Threatens Sanctions on Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – United States President Joe Biden signed on Friday a new executive order authorizing broad sanctions on the government of Ethiopia over the conflict in the northern part of the East African Nation.

The Biden administration did not immediately impose sanctions under the new executive order.

The order, however, gives its Treasury Department “the necessary authority” to take punitive action against those in the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Amhara regional government if they play a role in prolonging the conflict, obstructing humanitarian access or commit human rights abuse.

“The United States is determined to push for a peaceful resolution of this conflict,” Biden said in a statement.

The conflict in Northern Ethiopia began last November after forces of TPLF attacked the federal army camps in Tigray, prompting the Federal governmen to take law enforcement operation against TPLF group designated as