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Hydropower Rotar Weighing 780-ton Installed at Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

ADDIS ABABA – The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has achieved a new milestone today with the installation the first 780-ton hydropower rotar, which will pave a way for initial phase of power generation from the dam.

The hydroelectric Dam is expected to start generating 750 MW out of the two completed units within few months.

In a statement Wednesday, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said the installation work of the Rotar on one of the two units, also known as number 10, has been completed successfully today.

The 11.7m diameter rotar and its components totally weighs more 840 ton while the rotar alone weighs 780 tons, according to the statement.

“The installation of the rotar  and turbine at the dam can be seen as sign that the dam is nearing to to start generating electricty,” said the  EEP,  owner of the GERD construction project.

Last week, Dr. Sileshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, said the two turbines of the GERD will generate electricity in the first months of the Ethiopian New year, which began on Saturday.

The first phase of energy generation from the two units enalbes the country to produce more than that of Tekeze (300MW) and Gilgel Gibe (420MW) Hydroectric dams combined.