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Ethiopian to Retrieve Artefacts looted By British troops in 1868

ADDIS ABABA – Several artifacts looted at the Battle of Maqdala will soon be returned back to Ethiopia, says the ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday.

“Ethiopian artifacts, including a Bible, crosses and an Imperial shield, looted at the Battle of 1868 Maqdala war are to be returned to Ethiopia thanks to The Scheherazade Foundation, who purchased the items through a UK-based auction house and private dealers,” reads the ministry’s statement.

Speaking on the occasion at a reception held at The Athenaeum Club, Ambassador Teferi Meles thanked The Scheherazade Foundation for their work in acquiring the precious items.

The ambassador renewed calls for museums, collectors & holders of Maqdala 1868 heritage to return them to Ethiopia.

The Scheherazade Foundation CEO, Tahir Shah said he knew what the return of the objects would mean to Ethiopians.

And that through his Foundation, he hopes to build bridges between the two nations.

The Embassy will make arrangements for the items to be returned to #Ethiopia, according to the ministry of foreign affairs.

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