Ethiopia Brings Back 367 of its Nationals from Saudi Arabia

ADDIS ABABA – About 367 Ethiopian nationals have been airlifted from Saudi Arabia on Monday as the government continues its repatriation push for third week.

On Monday afternoon, 367 Ethiopian nationals, including 132 children, have returned from Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, said the spokesperson office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consulate General Directorate representatives have welcomed the returnees upon their arrival at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

More than 2100 Ethiopians, mostly women and children, have been airlifted since the start of the ongoing repatriation push. The effort focuses on bringing back people “who were not able to come to Ethiopia in the previously arranged mass flights”, according to the ministry.

Ethiopia repatriated nearly 42, 000 of its undocumented citizens who were detained in Saudi Arabia via 139 flights, between mid-June to the first week of July, 2021.

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