Coffee Export Generates $115.4 million in July

ADDIS ABABA – Coffee export generated 115.4 million dollars in the first month of the new 2021/22 fiscal year, surpassing the value and volume of the corresponding month of previous year.

Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority, in its performance report, says the country had a plan to export 21,339.80 tons of coffee to the international market in the 30-day period of the FY, beginning July 8.

But it has managed to export a total of 31,145 tons of coffee, generating 115.46 million dollars, says the Authority.

The performance has shown an increase as compared to the previous fiscal year in terms of both revenue and volume.

The volume of export increased by 146 percent while the revenue jumped by 161 percent, according to the Authority.

Germany has been the main destination for Ethiopian coffee in the month with more than 22.86 million birr worth of coffee exported or 20 percent to the European nation.

The United States and Belgium were also the second and third major destinations of Ethiopian coffee in the 30 days period.

More than $17.8 million worth of coffee (15 percent) exported to the US while Belgium imported close to $12.3 worth of Ethiopian coffee (11 percent), according to the Authority.