Tens of Thousands Marched against TPLF in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – Tens of thousands of people have attended a rally in Addis Ababa today to condemn forces of the TPLF, a group Ethiopian parliament recently labeled as a terrorist entity.

The rally, which gathered many people drawn from the capital and the Surrounding Oromia Special Zone, was held at Meskel Square under the motto of ‘I March to Save Ethiopia’.

The demonstrators expressed their support for the National Defence Forces and regional special forces who are fighting the TPLF and condemn the atrocities of the group.

They also denounced external powers who are trying to interfere with domestic issues of Ethiopia and called on them to refrain from meddling in internal affairs of the country.

At the rally, people held placards that read “We stand in Unison to Safeguard Sovereignty of Our Beloved Nation”, “We have a History of Gallantry not Treachery”. “We No More Tolerate Atrocities and Looting of the Terrorist TPLF”, among others.

The rally was attended by government officials, including Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city, Adanech Abiebie and President of Oromia Regional State, Shemelis Abdisa.

Shemelis, while addressing gatherings in the rally, underlined that the government won’t let the forces of TPLF continue its atrocities against civilians.

Its forces have shot youths of the country dead by sniper rifles and embezzled public properties and divided the people through fabricated narratives, Shemelis said.

The group, which lost its power in protest more than three years ago, has now been engaged in provocative activities to regain its power with the support of external powers in the international community, he added.

“However, Ethiopians across the nation have risen in unison with strong conviction to eliminate the group as it is a big danger to the unity and national integrity of the country” he added.

The conflict began last November after forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) carried out a deadly attack on the national base in the region – prompting the federal government to take law enforcement.

On 28 June 2021, the Government of Ethiopia withdrew its forces from the region and declared a Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire saying it would give respite to the people of Tigray and make use of the ongoing farming season.

The TPLF forces, however, continue to attack the neighboring region which has forced the federal government to issue a warning saying it could mobilize and deploy the federal army “if its humanitarian overtures for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Tigray remain unreciprocated”.