Police Seizes 56 Quintals of Hashish in Humera Town

ADDIS ABABA – More than 56 quintals of hashish has been seized in Humera town of Wolkait Tegede Setit Humera Zone, according to the zonal police department.

Police captured the hashish in a two-day long operation conducted in collaboration with the residents of the town, the department said on Saturday.

The hashish, an illegal substance in Ethiopia, was hidden under sugarcane when police captured a truck transporting it.

Investigation currently underway to identify the origin of the illegal drug, said the police that captured an unspecified number of suspects linked to the case.

Head of Criminal Prevention Unit at the Zonal Police Department, Commander Atinkut Ayalew said that the seized hashish might have been planned to be used by the TPLF, a group the Ethiopian parliament designated as terrorist entity earlier this year.

Authorities accused the terrorist TPLF group of using child soldiers for its provocative acts in Amhara and Afar Regions by feeding them such illegal drugs.