Road Traffic Deaths in Addis Ababa Drop by 13 Percent

ADDIS ABABA – The rate of traffic deaths in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, has decreased by 13 percent in the recently concluded Ethiopian budget year, said the city’s traffic management agency.

In a statement on Friday, the agency reported the total number of people killed in traffic crashes fell to 389 in the 2020/21 budget year, which ended on July 7, as compared to 448 recorded in the previous year.

The statement said various efforts, involving Addis Ababa City Police, managed to save at least 59 lives during the period.

The city also registered a slightly less number of severe injuries.

A total of 1, 824 serious injuries, falling by a 1.25 percent as compared to the previous year, said the agency. About 1, 847 similar cases were reported in 2012.

In addition, the city said motor vehicle traffic crashes caused at least 994 to sustain light injuries and inflicted a total of 27, 882 damages on properties, including 9.1 million birr worth of road infrastructures.

Officials attributed the drop in the number of death and severe injury rates to several steps taken during the year including a new road safety strategy.

The strategy was key in leading the efforts to address the challenges emanating from road traffic accidents in the capital, the agency said.

Authorities ramped up their effort particularly on roads where studies found high number accidents regularly occur.

This effort was supported by modern road engineering technology that augments road safety, an awareness campaign and strict implementation of traffic rules, according to the agency.