Ethio Telecom roll out 4G networks in Gonder, Debre Tabor

ADDIS ABABA- Ethio Telecom, with the support of Huawei, has rolled out an expanded 4G LTE advanced mobile service Gonder and Debre Tabor.

“We are excited to launch 4G LTE advanced service in the North North West Region cities of Gondar & Debretabor where higher mobile data usage has been observed,” the Telecom firm said.

The 4G LTE network will help the the two cities close the digital divide and enjoy the fruits of the digital age.

At the launch event in Gonder, on Saturday, the CEO of Ethio Telecom Firehiwot Tamiru thanked Huawei for its continued strategic partnership and the quality of services delivered

The CEO of Huawei Ethiopia, Chen Mingliang said on his behalf, “we will appreciate the opportunities provided by Ethio Telecom, give our best in providing solutions and technology, and help Ethio Telecom build competitive networks and make digital communication accessible to the public.”

Huawei also provided a mobile money solution for Ethio Telecom’s Tele Birr, which is expected to revolutionize the digital age in Ethiopia by moving up to 5o % of GDP in the next five years.