Mixed Reactions Over Motorbike Ban in Addis

ADDIS ABEBA – Residents of the capital are split between two opposing views regarding a proposed ban on motorbike operations Addis Ababa city Administration announced on Wednesday.

The city administration has scheduled the ban to start as of July 7, 2019. The restriction is needed to prevent robbery being committed using motorbikes, reasoned Engineer Takele Uma, deputy mayor of the city.

The ban is not applicable to embassies and Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise, the administration said on Wednesday.

Since the announcement came, opposing views are being expressed by residents through social media.

“First a nation-wide internet shutdown to clamp down on cheating. Now banning most motorcycles for transportation to fight theft,” Christian Tesfaye writes on her Twitter.

“Should we expect the ban of vehicles to stop traffic accidents or the closure of hospitals to halt medical errors?,” she questioned the move.

Befeqadu Hailu‏, a prominent social media activist, writes the move could create unemployment.

“Suspending motorbikes is turning many self-employed people into unemployed ones, which consequently will contribute to maybe crimes, and protests,” he added.

Not everyone is not in favor of the decision with people expressing support through their social media pages.
“Good decision Takele Uma,” Naol B. Kebede said of the mayor’s latest move.

“The action should have been taken even earlier motorbike,” another resident goes by the name of Muaz Nas, writes.

Last week, a motorbike has been intercepted with the help of the public while robbers try to snatch money from a resident who was going to deposit 400, 500 Br to a bank in the Bole area. The robbers managed to escape with the help of another motorbike with over 100, 000 Br. Police are still investigating the case.

Growing security-related issues have the diplomatic community in Addis Abeba worried in recent months, although City’s police commission denied such assessment.