Over 392 mln Tree Seedlings planted in Oromia within 12-Hours

ADDIS ABABA – Residents of Oromia Regional State have planted 392 Million tree seedlings in 12 hours on Tuesday, its officials said.

The planted seedlings has surpassed the target authorities set for a half day-long period, which was 350 million.

Residents of both urban and rural communites, public servants and representatives of various stakeholders have parcipated in the tree planting campaign, said the regional broadcaster OBN.

On Sunday, Addis Ababa city administration carried out a similar campaign and planted 1.5mln in the city.

Similar half-a-day long tree planting campaign will be held in other regional states as Ethiopia push with this year’s green legacy initiative during which the country plans to plant 6 billion trees.

Launched in 2019 by Prime Minister Abiy, the Green Legacy initiative is part of the Government’s effort to combat climate change and plant 20 billion seedlings until 2024.