Road Accident Kills Four in Southern Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Four people were killed on Tuesday morning in a car crash that occurred in Southern Ethiopia on Tuesday.

The road accident, involving three cars, happened around 11a.m. in a Worabe town of Southern regional state’s Silete Zone.

A truck, commonly known as Yodi, was unable to come to a stop when it reached near the town and collided with an FSR midsize truck and a rickshaw, according to Worabe town administration.

Three people immediately died while five others sustained various degrees of injuries. A state broadcaster, EBC, later raised the death toll to Four.

The cause of the deadly traffic accident is still under Police investigation.

Although Ethiopia has one of the lowest per capita ownership rates in the world, deadly traffic accidents are fairly common, with the blame put on bad roads, reckless driving, a flawed driving license issuance system and lax enforcement of safety rules.