UN food Agency Convoy with Emergency Food Aid Reaches Tigray

ADDIS ABABA – A United Nations World Food Program (WFP) said its convoy of 50 trucks arrived in the Tigray region’s capital of Mekelle today with 900 metric tons of food as well as other emergency supplies.

The convoy consisted of a 48,000-litre fuel tanker, 29 WFP food trucks, six WFP trucks with mobile storage units and other items and 14 trucks with health, WASH, shelter and nutrition items for the humanitarian community.

However, double this number of trucks needs to be moving in every day to meet the vast humanitarian needs in the region, according to the agency.

With almost 4 million people in need of emergency food assistance in Tigray, the UN food agency said it needs to transport over 10,000 metric tons of food and 150,000 litres of fuel every week on behalf of the humanitarian sector.

“WFP welcomes clearance from the Government of Ethiopia for this convoy’s safe passage into Tigray region,” said WFP Emergency Coordinator Tommy Thompson.

“But we need double this number of trucks arriving daily, and we need them to take two days to reach Mekelle instead of the four-day journey this time if we are to reach the millions of people in need of life-saving assistance,” he said/

“Our stocks of food and fuel are still at alarmingly low levels,” Thompson said.