Authorities Promote Cup of Excellence Winning Coffees ahead of Auction

ADDIS ABABA – Government and coffee sector officials attended a Cup of Excellence Presidential Award Coffees promotion and tasting ceremony on Friday.

The event was held in Addis Ababa ahead of an international auction scheduled to be held online next week.

State minister foreing affairs Tsion Teklu and Director-General of Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, Adugna Debella, diplomats as well as coffee producers attended the event.

The attendants tested the award-winning coffees and extended their best wishes for winning farmers a success in the auction.

The Cup of Excellence 2021 competition, which aims to promote producers of high quality specialty coffees, was held for the second time in Ethiopia.

Adugna said the cup of excellence competition is inspiring the country’s coffee sector and especially benefiting the small holder farmers.

Representing farmers, different coffee growing areas and farm types, the winning coffee lots came from a record-breaking number of entries (1,849) for this year’s competition.

It also resulted in 39 lots scoring 87+ points, with five of those coffees exceeding the 90-point mark, according to an international jury.

The COE-winning coffees are heading to auctions, beginning with an auction of ‘National Winners’ – each scoring between 86.41 and 87.32.

The 30 COE-winning coffees, including all five 90+ lots and winners of the “Presidential Award”, are expected to head to online auction Wednesday, July 7.

This year, an anaerobic-processed coffee grown by Tamiru Tadesse from the Sidama region, Bensa zone, took the top spot, with a score of 90.6.

More than 180 global buyers from 33 countries are expected to bid during the auction.

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