Classes Resume in over 60 Schools in Mekelle City

ADDIS ABABA – Public and private schools in Mekelle, capital city of Tigray region have resumed today, according to the Regional Interim Administration.

The teaching-learning process started in 32 public and over 30 private schools in Mekelle, said Genet Mebratu, the City Education Office of the Interim Admin, in an interview with state-run news agency ENA.

Classes in the city resumed after understanding was reached with teachers, parents and government officials at all levels, she said.

The administration said it has already provided education materials to students in need of support while repairing schools damaged during the conflict in the region.

The conflict erupted in early November, last year after forces of the former ruling party of Tigray, TPLF, attacked the federal army base there – prompting the government to carry out a rule law enforcement operation in the region.

The conflict led to the disruption of various social services including the education and agricultural sectors.
The authorities insist that order is now being restored across the region and humanitarian access expanded.

During the reopening day of classes in the seat of the city of the region’s government, Genet said all teachers were present in all seven sub-cities of Mekelle.

Deputy Education Bureau Head, Aster Yitbarek, also told ENA that teachers at all levels are ready to help students resume classes at the different forums in other parts of the region.