Ethio Telecom Begins Offering 4G LTE Service in Four Cities of Afar

ADDIS ABABA -Ethio Telecom started offering Long Term Evolution (LTE)/4G advanced mobile service in Semera city of Afar regional state on Thursday as the company continues to push its plan to unveil the service in most part of Ethiopia forward.

Apart from Semera, the capital city of the region, Ethio Telecom launched the 4G service in Logia, Asayita and Awash Sebat Kilo of Afar, offering packages for use with an LTE-enabled devices.

Ethio Telecom’s CEO Firehiwot Tamiru attended the event in Semera that launched the service in the four cities, where high mobile data has been observed.

“Its with great pleasure that we announce that we have started 4G LTE service” in these cities, said the telecom Company in a statement after the launch.

The 4G LTE service initially began in the capital Addis Ababa over years ago.

But it was only in the recent few months that the sole telecom service provider in Ethiopia introduced the service in other parts of the country, reaching now 44 cities of the East African nation.

The company plans to expand the 4G LTE service network to a total of 103 cities across Ethiopia, where there are 45million mobile connections.

The 4G LTE service is described as having reliability, high bandwidth and high-speed features by the telecom company.

Ethio telecom believes its customers residing within the LTE network could effectively “digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences”.

According to Huawei, Ethiopian cities and regions where the service has recently been begun are equipped with Huawei high performance equipment.

At the launching event, CEO Firehiwot thanked and congratulated Huawei Ethiopia for its unreserved support and continued strategic partnership.

The two companies started their first project more than two decades ago in 2002.

Last month, the company supported the Telecom firm to launch Telebir service, which attracts 1 million subscribers within only 5 days. On 20th May, Huawei also constructed and delivered Ethiopia’s biggest tier-III ready Modular Data Center for Ethio Telecom.