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10 Young Impact Companies to Present themselves at Demo 2021

ADDIS ABABA – Ten young impact companies to present themselves at the Good Business (TGB) Demo Day on 7th June as start-up scene in Ethiopia emerge.

In the spring TGB started as a COVID response initiative for Ethiopian companies with two programs – the Accelerator for start-ups and the Evolver for SMEs.

The core of this entrepreneur-focused support is knowledge transfer for founders and owners, according to the TGB.

TGB, it says, is primarily about strengthening the participants’ business know-how in the long term so that they can remain resilient in difficult times such as a pandemic and still develop their companies.

In addition to the management training, the companies receive start-up financing for the realization of their developed business strategies.

Representatives of Ethiopia’s eco-social start-up pioneers is the first Accelerator cohort of the initiative The Good Business.

In March, a total of 10 companies were selected to participate in the newly launched business development program.

Now, after 10 intensive weeks of workshops, coaching and personal mentoring, the entrepreneurs will present themselves at the Demo Day on 7th June at 2 pm.

From skateboard pioneers to coffee franchises.

The TGB Accelerator cohort is as diverse as Ethiopia’s start-up scene.

They work on new products made of sustainable materials, they create job opportunities especially for women, they help to avoid mountains of waste and strengthen their local community.

Among the participants: Kushineta, Ethiopia’s first skateboard brand; Aklill, a home textile label that develops its own sustainable bamboo fibres for its collections; and The Goat Café – the new concept café chain from Addis Ababa. They all follow eco-social ideals, try to protect the environment and improve social life with their work and businesses.

From the OKRs to the company pitch

After 10 weeks of workshops, personal mentoring sessions, working out valid Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and repeated pitch trainings, the time has finally come: The 10 young entrepreneurs will present the result of their results at the TGB Demo Day this week.

They will pitch their start-ups to potential partners, investors and supporters, according to the organisors.

Since the COVID pandemic does not allow events on a larger scale, the Demo Day will take place online and is thus accessible to all interested parties.

The pitch show will be shown via stream from 2 pm (CEST) on the TGB website. A prior registration is not required.

The TGB Accelerator Cohort

Partial view of the TGB Accelerator Cohort

Fashion Brand – with the aim to promote ‘Made in Africa’ globally; klill – Home Décor – from self-developed, sustainable fabrics; Bamboo Labs – Bikes and Wheelchairs – affordable mobility from sustainable resources; Berbera Market – Online platform – working on the expansion of eCommerce in Ethiopia; Fili Coffee – Roastery, café and barista training – for the highest quality coffee experience; Kushineta – Skateboard workshop & school – Ethiopia’s first Skateboard brand and skating community; Maleda Crafts – Accessory brand – up-cycling and women empowerment through local production; The Goat Café – Roastery, Café and Franchise – aiming to disrupt coffee culture in Ethiopia; Tuba Ethiopia – Accessory Brand – on a mission to avoid plastic waste and create jobs for women; and Yonael Marga –Fashion Brand – cultural elements transformed to contemporary and unique garments.