Liberia paid $71,000 to transport unproven Covid tonic

Liberia spent $71,000 (£50,000) to transport three small boxes containing a herbal tonic made in Madagascar that had been touted as a cure for Covid-19, the health ministry has said.

The revelation has sparked controversy in the country, especially after the ministry changed its earlier statement that the tonic was a donation from the Madagascar government and that the Liberian government only paid to transport the three small boxes.

A video of President George Weah receiving the batch at the airport a year ago this month, was shared online.

The effectiveness of the herbal tonic has not been proven despite several tests.

Madagascar, which had earlier relied on the tonic, has now acquired vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.

It’s unclear if Liberian authorities administered the tonic to the public.

This is the latest scandal to embroil Mr Weah’s administration over its alleged misuse of public funds.


Featured Image: The authorities in Madagascar touted Covid Organics as a herbal cure for Covid-19 [Photo File/AFP]