Executing GERD Filling, Election ‘are Two Top Priorities for Ethiopia’

ADDIS ABABA – The ruling Prosperity Party has put executing the second round filling of Renaissance Dam and next month’s election as top two priorities in Ethiopia amid growing external pressure.

The Executive Committee of the Party concluded its two-day long regular meeting, which deliberated over several national and geopolitical issues, on Friday.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the party acknowledged that the country is facing various challenges from all corners and urged Ethiopians to speak “in one voice and move forward as one to reverse the dangers and carry on our journey to prosperity”.

“We, particularly, have to make sure to carry out our responsibility for the success of two major missions – the second round filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the national elections,” it said.

Authorities plan to execute both missions in the next three months. The general election is scheduled for June 21 while project managers of GERD are waiting for the July/August rainy season to execute the second round filling of the reservoir behind the mega Dam.

The dam talks with Sudan and Egypt stalled in April while regional efforts have since tried to revive the negotiations without success. Cairo and Khartoum are currently holding a joint military drill, called ‘Guardians of the Nile, which, Sudan said, aimed at “dealing with threats that both countries are expected to face”.

Ethiopia’s ruling party said conflict is not a solution.

Ethiopia`s interest is based on win-win principles not based on conflicts or disputes with others who have shares in the region in general and in the Red Sea in particular, the party noted.

It said Ethiopia, the source of 86 percent of River Nile, hasn’t tried to harm the interest of others in the past or now.

Likewise, “we will not allow others to compromise our interests too,” the party said.

On Election 2021

Apart from the second round filling of the dam as per the schedule, the party said carrying out the national elections successfully will determine the destiny of Ethiopia and its people.

“We are in the final phase of completing the 6th National Election in a peaceful and democratic manner as registration of candidates and voters and election campaigns are finalized,” the party said.

“Completing the election, therefore, will bring great opportunity for the country and it will boost up Ethiopia’s democratic journey by one step,” it added.

On pressure from abroad

The Executive Committee said it makes obvious that there are forces that are not happy to witness the progress in the GERD project, Ethio-Eritrea peace agreement, ending the recent law enforcement operation against the TPLF in a short period of time and setting the 10-year homegrown economic plan.

Ethiopia will never compromise its national interest due to diplomatic pressure and other influences imposed by the forces that have huge interest in the red sea region, it said.

On border conflict

The party called the recent border dispute with Sudan an unfortunate trend that should never have happened.

Ethiopia will work to settle the situation in an amicable manner based on the two nations historic and long-term relations, it said.

“We hope Sudan will work on settling the issues by distancing themselves from expansionist and provocative acts,” the statement underscored.