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AU launches Young Africans Writing Contest

ADDIS ABABA – Pan African bloc, African Union, has launched the Young Africans Writing Contest (YAWC) to allow young Africans to express themselves freely on various themes.

The Contest, launched on Africa day, is the initiative of AU’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) Secretariat in collaboration with ACCESS Bank Zambia.

It aims to bridge the gap between African Youth and the African Union, the pan african bloc said in a statement sent to the Ethiopian Monitor.

The population of young Africans is projected to double from the current 480 million and reach 840 million by 2050. Africa will have the youngest population in the world.

By acknowledging the innovative thinking that they bring to the table, YAWC aims to encourage the youth, particularly high school students, to reflect on the crucial role they play by providing them with a space to express themselves freely.

The theme of the contest “My Africa, My Future” will articulate their aspirations and ideals for the kind of future they want for the continent.

“The contest, open to high school going children in Africa, is purposely crafted to allow young Africans to express themselves freely on various themes related to the continent’s future,” said William Carew, head secretariat of ECOSOCC, late Wednesday.

Aspiration 6 of the AU’s Agenda 2063’ aims to actualize “an Africa where development is people driven, unleashing the potential of its women and youth…’.

“Tonight’s event is one of such initiatives of ECOSOCC, calculated to give effect to Aspiration 6 of Agenda 2063,” he said.

The theme  ‘My Africa, My Future’ is expected to inspire learners to have thoughts of their own culture and heritage, their origins and what it means to be African.

ACCESS Bank Zambia, Managing Director Joana Bannerman, said the Bank was delighted to be part of the YAWC because they believed in empowering the youth to realize their full potential.

The competition which entertains works in any of the AU official languages is opened on Africa Day, May 25th, 2021 and will close at midnight EAT 25th, July 2021.
Winners will be announced during a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Africa Union Day, September 09th 2021.