Police Arrest Six Suspects for Illegally Transferring Foreign Currency

ADDIS ABABA – Security forces arrested six men involved in two cases of illegally transferring foreign currency in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Two operations involving the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and the Addis Ababa Police Commission have helped to intercept a total of 228, 815 US dollars, according to Addis Ababa Police Commission.

Police seized more than 205, 500 US dollars during a search in a house located in Lamberet area of Yeka Sub-City.

Two suspects have been arrested while preparing to leave Addis Ababa with a bag holding 205,512 US dollars and various bank documents and passports, according to the city police.

In the same week, security officers also captured four suspects allegedly engaged in transferring foreign currency in Olympia area of Kirkos Sub-City.

After weeks of probing the case, police arrested the suspects last Tuesday together with 23,300 US dollars, 85,600 Ethiopian Birr and 29 bank books.

The investigation involving a total of six suspects is still ongoing, police said, urging the public to actively involve in crime prevention as well as provide information to the security forces in the event of such incidents.