Contraband Goods worth 44.7mln Birr Seized Within Five-Day

ADDIS ABABA – Contraband goods worth more than 44.7 million Birr have been captured at various checkpoints and border posts in Ethiopia, the Ministry of Revenue announced on Monday.

The goods were seized during an operation conducted between May 15 and 20, 2021.

The ministry said contraband items valued 43.1 million Birr have been captured while they were smuggled into Ethiopia.

The remaining 1.6 million birr worth goods were seized while entering into the nation, illegally.

Garments, tobaccos, packed foods, and cosmetics dominated the items seized during customs officers operation.

Thirty-Two trucks that were transporting the contraband goods have also been brought under control in the process.

Investigations are underway to root out all those involved, the ministry added.



Featured Image: Spare-parts including Motorbike tyres, were among the items seized during the period [Photo MoR]