Ministry Collects 238.3 billion birr Revenue in 10-month

ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Revenue has managed to collect 238.3 billion birr in the first 10-month period of the current Ethiopian 2020/21 budget year.

The figure is almost similar to what the Ministry planned to garner in the period which was 42.6 billion. The performance has shown a 98.24 percent success rate, the Ministry said on Tuesday.

It also said the figure has shown a Birr 39.3 billion or 19.77 percent increase as compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year.

Officials collected Birr 145.5 billion birr and 92.6 billion birr from domestic tax and tax from foreign trade, respectively. The remaining nearly 194 million birr was collected through lottery sell.

The Minister of Revenue, Lake Ayalew, described the revenue collected during the period as “very good” considering the current situation in the country.

He also attributed the increase in the performance to the majority of taxpayers who paid their taxes on time.

The ministry will exert its efforts in the next two months to hit its annual target, Lake added.