Zimbabwe Presents African Fact Book from to Ethiopian PM

ADDIS ABABA – The president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangawa has presented to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed a book called Africa Fact Book.

The book – published by the Institute of African Knowledge last year – dispels myths and misrepresentations of the continent.

PM Abiy received the book from a delegation sent by President Mnangagwa and led by Ambassador Kwame T. Muzawazi on Friday morning.

The Ethiopian leader has received the delegation of Zimbabwe, whose country sponsored the production of the first edition of the book, at his office in Addis Ababa.

The delegation presented the African Fact Book written under the direction of the African Union to set right the History of Africa for the past 500 years, said the PM office.

As an important part of Agenda 2063, along with The African Museum, the Fact Book aims to introduce the culture, history, and heritage of Africa to the world.

By way of presenting the Fact Book, the delegation appreciated and recognized Ethiopia’s Role in the Freedom of Africa and its continued support for Pan-Africanism, according to the office.