Ethiopians urged to Register to Vote in 2021 Elections

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has urged Ethiopians to register to vote in the upcoming 2021 General Elections.

“Only a few weeks left for the 6th general election to take place,” he said in a message posted on his official Twitter page.

Citizens are expected to take active part in the election by using their democratic rights, the Prime Minister indicated.

Article 38 of the Ethiopian Constitution states that every Ethiopian national has the right to vote and to be elected, he added.

“Let’s register today to vote and determine the future of our country’s democracy,” the prime minister said.

The June 5 elections will see candidates of 47 political parties and 125 independent contenders vying for seats in the 547-member parliament and regional councils.

Prime Minister Abiy will run in Agaro Town of Jimma zone for a parliamentary seat representing the ruling Prosperity party.

According to Electoral board’s election schedule, voters’ registration, which began on March 25, will continue until April 23. 2021.