Abiy will run for Parliamentary Seat in Agaro Town

ADDIS ABABA- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will run in Agaro Town of Jimma zone for parliamentary seat in the 2021 General election, Ethiopia’s ruling party confirmed on Thursday.

Prosperity Party (PP) made the announcement of Abiy’s candidature while introducing its manifesto and electoral symbol for the party’s supporters in Agaro Town.

Ethiopia will hold general elections for members of the federal parliament and regional councils on June 5, 2021. 

Abiy is among the 8, 209 candidates that have registered to compete in the upcoming national general elections.

Apart from the 8, 209 candidates, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said 47 political parties have registered to participate in the elections during a press briefing on Thursday regarding conclusion National of candidates’ registration.
Out of the 8,209 candidates, 125 are standing as independent candidates, with the rest standing as representatives of various political parties.

The general elections were initially slated to hold its sixth general elections in August, last year.

However, county’sparliament approved a recommendation in June 2020 to postpone the national elections citing the health threat posed by the COVID-19.

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